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What Our Clients Have To Say!

  • Hands down the best veterinarian in Morgan County! - Jesse S.
  • This place is so awesome!!!!!! Always so caring and you leave with a warm feeling in your heart. The staff is so friendly and caring. - Barb B.
  • This clinic has no idea how grateful I am for them after today!!!! I would recommend this clinic to everyone!!!!! My tank got treated like the family member he is instead of just a dog!! - Stacy G.
  • The price was very fair, and they got both of our dogs in quickly for new patient appointments. My husband took the dogs to their appointments, and he said that Dr. Johnson was very kind and really cared for both of our dogs. Our husky Maya had an allergic reaction shortly after leaving her appointment, and they immediately made time to see her, and Dr. Johnson even treated her allergic reaction free of charge! Thank you for being so caring, we greatly appreciate it. - Cassie B. 


  • Very pleasant receptionist when I called toward the end of office hours on a Saturday as soon as I noticed a problem with our cat. Very pleased that they were able to work Mario in & the Dr was quick to recommend he need surgery that day. We were glad to not have to go to an emergency vet elsewhere. Dr Johnson met us at the office that same evening so we could pick Mario up & gave us good instructions for caring for our kitty. Cost was reasonable considering it was a work-in situation on a weekend. - RP, C. 
  • Dr. Johnson was very patient and thorough. I was really impressed. - Jennifer K.